Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Until The Thread of Seasons Breaks

 Often we wish for the Prize of being faithful Now, not 'in due season'.
In the meantime lets linger among flowers, shall we?

The prize that lies beyond these hills
Where dawn, yon region wakes
Is not attainable until
The thread of seasons breaks

Flowers oft cheer this way of days
They reminds us of He
Who ushers from the bud, His praise
And from mud, Majesty

We work and weep, want-wonder-stirred
And pray for things to come
We wait while God tests uttered word
And draws us nearer Home

The trial-and-error of mankind
Is as old as the first
This is no newborn grief we find
But with it we were cursed

And since that day of Eve’s downfall
Where Adam did partake
And Jesus’ came to pay it all
The curse of man to break

...we look beyond the far-off hill
Where dawn, yon tresses wakes
And trust the God of love until
The thread of seasons breaks

© Janet Martin

Have I told you that my family gave me a new camera for my birthday?
SO much fun using a camera that works properly!

...and a morning prayer


  1. I try not to miss your posts, but I haven't seen this one till now. Beautiful. So nice to find all these flowers in January!
    It will be June again before long :)

    P.S. The new camera works great!

    1. oh goodness! I'm sure I don't expect anyone to try to read all of them:)I'm glad you reminded me of this one! I remember it was one of those poems that 'flowed'! they don't all do that:)

      I like looking at flower photos in the winter! Sometimes I have more time to enjoy them now than in the busy summer when I take them!
      Yes, my new camera work great IF i am careful not to get it wet!!


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