Friday, June 24, 2016

Of Time's Employ

The toil of life can wear us thin
Its strife can vex the bravest grin
It draws its laws across our skin
And no one is immune
The cares of life oppress this dust
The prayers of life address our trust
We bear love’s dares because we must
Both December and June

The wants of life, the taunts of life
The hi-way, bye-way, my-way strife
Is like a subtle carving knife
That whittles days with ease
The child into a woman, man
The mother, startled by the span
Of tick and tock does all she can
To make sweet memories

The dirt of it, the hurt of it
The run-walk-crawl, stand tall, ah, sit
In time’s grand scheme is but a flit
Before the by and by
The boy-oh-boy, the joy-oh-joy
The hidey-ho of dawn’s ahoy
Become the echoes we employ
When Twilight fills the sky

© Janet Martin

Monica is sharing some wonderful glimpses of her 'Time's employ' here.

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