Monday, June 27, 2016

Like A Fist-full of Flowers

We woke to something we have not seen in quite a while...a raindrop bejeweled world! Thank-you, thank-you Lord!

Life holds within its fists
Hard knock and soft caress
The hand of tick and tock untwists
Heartache and happiness

This small place where we climb
Whittles, with give and take
A more humble approach to time
And memories we make

We touch, but not for long
Each day that disappears
Its rise and fall, a subtle gong
Tolling with yester-years

Like a fist full of flow'rs
 Life's hours bud and bloom
Then fade into those phantom bow'rs
Of mem'ry's living-room

Thus, as the years go by
We learn, like scads before
To cherish moments as they fly
To Bygone’s nevermore

For none can see into
Tomorrow’s eidolon
Therefore Love bids us to value
Today, ere it is gone

© Janet Martin

Two birthday parties yesterday and as I looked around at all the beautiful time-kissed faces I was dearly smitten by love’s fine intermingling of intense sorrow and immense happiness!

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