Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Like a Dream Come True...

Last evening summer officially arrived...
and what an entrance she made!
 So flamboyant was her 'hello' that the south-east sky caught fire as arrival and departure coalesced.
...well, its off to the garden where some dusting, weeding and re-seeding is needed

Earth heralds Her with wild-bloom grace
And traces green with gold
Where Her first bud was bashful lace
It billows, bright and bold

The yellow heat that seeps through deeps
To bleed the dark awry
Is caught in starry butter-cups
Then tossed back to the sky

The lithesome gait of flip-flop feet
In soft percussion lilts
Like background banter on a street
Where joy’s sheet music spilt

The heavens, like a coronet
Of coral, sapphire, pink
Crowns morn-noon, ere dusk's silhouette
Is dipped in raven ink

The happiness of dream-come-true
Renews the hopeful heart
As flower-bells in endless hue
Scatter their flawless art

And every brook and crook and hill
Thrills, like a song unfurled
Where choristers of nature spill
A rainbow-colored world

Then we join in their anthems too
As Summer, like a dream-come-true
Ravishes countryside

© Janet Martin

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