Monday, June 6, 2016

Farewell, Forties

What a lovely farewell-to-my-forties-party twilight threw...

I knew this day was coming
If Time would last
But what I did not know is...
That it would come so fast

While we are busy learning
How to work and pray
Time has a way of turning
Into yesterday

Strange how time's teeny moments
Seem small until they've passed
And there is no way of knowing
When will be the last

Better then to cherish
Life's blessings that remain
Instead of pining for that
Which cannot be again


My heart tonight...


  1. Happy birthday, the beautiful, radiant, amazing Janet!
    Have a glorious day :)

    1. Thank-you Sasha, for being such a dear blessing in my life! I will try to have a glorious day. Four little ones coming shortly to help me celebrate:)

    2. Wonderful, enjoy!
      Wish I could come over :)

    3. Probably not today, but maybe someday :)

    4. sigh...I know but you are here in my thoughts:)

  2. What a ravishing gift of glorious, as is only befitting a celebration day of your gorgeous self! (You do realize that not everyone gets a rainbow for their birthday... I'm wondering if you are a baby sister...)
    Happy belated birthday, and thank you for sharing your thoughts upon stepping into this banner year.

    1. Thank-you Cyndy, The rainbow's symbol of Promise was a special gift, for sure:) I'm a second-from-the-top of five daughter and third-from-the-top of ten five boys, five girls, so that makes for a lot of birthday celebrating!! It has been such a great week of seeing family and friends that one feels truly humbled by the best blessings life has to offer.

      Thank YOU for being part of those blessings!


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