Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Mother to Daughter Birthday Poem

From one birthday celebration to the next! 
Yesterday's memories are precious(a glimpse at a few with the little ones I babysit and family:)'s memories are waiting to be made.
Blessed to be a mother for 24 years!

Dear daughter,
Often I pray that God
Would be with you through the day
And you would sense his Presence
In whatever comes your way
I ask Him to protect you
And to keep you in His care
For wisdom to safeguard you
From deception’s subtle snare

I pray He grants you strength
For tasks that love and life begot
For courage to be faithful
Even when others are not
And oh, that He would bless you
And be present in your home
But sometimes I forget to thank Him
For the woman you’ve become

I forget to thank Him for
The loveliness of you
Your friendly face, your giving ways
Your heart, kind, caring and true
And I forget to thank Him for
Memories of happiness
And how you have made motherhood
A joy words can’t express

…your willingness to lend a hand
Your friendship through the years
And all the things you’ve taught me
Through love’s laughter and its tears
Dear daughter, on this special day
I pray a humble prayer
And thank God for the gift of you
And the special daughter you are

Love always,


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