Thursday, December 17, 2015


A wish in thought’s whisper
The hush of dusk’s sky
Or rush of a river
Cupped soft in a sigh

The echo of laughter
After loved ones part
Its sweet, silent hunger
Secured in the heart

The flip-side of holding
The slip-slide of time
The quiet enfolding
Of past’s pantomime

The sparkle of rain-song
The bending of will
The purple horizon
On westerly hill

The ‘almost’ of learning
The yearning of ‘not’
The swift no returning
Of mere moments wrought

A bud barely open
The banter of birds
Stirs Want of Poem
In search of its words

© Janet Martin


  1. I love the last stanza. I'm not a poet but the banter of birds stirs any poetry longings in me too. It does make me want to reach for my pen and journal ... or a new blog screen.

    B xox

  2. ah, proof that poetry spills in SO many forms, whether journaling or a new blog screen;-)!



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