Monday, December 28, 2015

While Marveling at Moments...

Time strums the air with hours
Clad in common coloring
So, sometimes we don’t notice how
It changes everything

We, caught up in the wonder
Of discovery and such
Are often quite unconscious of
Its commandeering touch

While marveling at moments
Destined to settle in place
Like tombstones bearing epitaphs
That none but thought can trace

We drink the wink of seasons
And we think we are still young
While life’s love-longing laughter melts
Like sugar on the tongue

…and suddenly Time jars us
To its touch and we admit
Bewildered disappointment at
The subtle-ness of it

For Time strums air with hours
Clad in common coloring
It scatters years like flower-tears
...summer, fall, winter, spring

© Janet Martin

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