Monday, December 7, 2015

Where Echoes Dance

Last night Victoria and I decorated the tree between snap-chats with Melissa in TO who wishes she was home...
Here is an excerpt from an email she replied to when I asked for gift ideas last week:)

 ...I've thought of some gift ideas as its gotten colder in case you're stuck.
- a winter jacket that's longer and doesn't leave feathers on all my clothes (not the biggest priority obviously)
-a donation to my Blundstone boot fund
-art pens and pencils, I seem to be losing them all the time and I have my art direction class next semester
-a glass travel mug
-an inflatable boyfriend
-a small dog
-one of those inflatable dancing men that are always in car dealership parking lots

In all seriousness though there's also a lot of really worthy places to give to this year with all the refugees so I don't want much.

My semester is winding down and I'm working on all my final projects, most of them are pretty fun to work on though...

Love you, stay warm! 


Ah, who can gather long the ploy
That soon becomes forgotten joy?
Staid tick and tock locks and unlocks
Regiment commandeered by clocks

*Today will never play again
Spilt lilt and moan of gilt refrain
The heart enfolds its chords of gold
A rooming house of ‘hard-to-hold’

Life’s poetry of touch and taste
Slips through our craving clutch with haste
Gossamer grail exhales in rhyme
Penned by the wending ways of Time

Before and after coalesce
Hope’s drum roll fades; grief, happiness
Conceives love’s double-edged romance
And thought’s ballroom where echoes dance

© Janet Martin

*'Today will never play again'
reminds me to live in the present

A Christmas Past Collage...


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed by the visit!