Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Wood Is Such a Lovely Place...

The wood is such a lovely place
Apart from Time’s progressive race
With green of moss and limbs that toss
Their loss of life like layered lace

The wood is such a lovely deep
A temple beneath blue-sky keep
Nature depletes and then repeats
Its circuit of bud, bloom and sleep

The wood is like a garden plot
Of bracken and forget-me-not
With log to sit and rest a bit
To talk to God with naught but thought

The wood is happy like a child
A home to creatures of the wild
A wind-song, leaf-song, bird-song berth
Its timberland heaven on earth

The wood is such a lovely peace
Cedar of scent and pine-bough heath
Where we should pause often because
It reminds us to stop and breathe

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh, yes, and amen!
    So very well expressed in both word and photos. What a glorious day you had, with all that bosky sunshine and shadow.

    1. Thank-you. it was after I visited your post that I had an urge to purge the Twig;-))

      We've been blessed with fabulous days this Nov. & Dec.!

  2. Excellent writing and photos, Janet!


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