Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pledge to a Poem

(This is the first white, well, white-ish December morning here this year...
But by the time the rain has run its course I think it will disappear)

Dear Poem,

I will strive to do you justice
Dress you in the cloth of word
Shape the sighing of your river
Into voice where thought, ink-stirred
Sights unuttered implications
Of a world beyond the cries
Of task's regimental duty
I will look into your eyes

…and soft-touch you like a lover
Sensing more than exposed skin
I’ll endeavor to uncover
The person pulsing within
And with patient, trembling fingers
I will brave fear’s leering curse
Dare to paint syllabic pictures
And impression into verse

Then, with pen bring into being
That which never was before
I will strive to do full justice
To the call of troubadour
As I draw you from a wellspring
Nectar waiting to become
Poured to page; clothed yet word-naked
To the title-ship of Poem

© Janet Martin


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