Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Open Wide and Say A-a-a-h

Ah, what a lot of lovely spheres of yesterdays we had
To contemplate the gait of moments drives one nearly mad
My, my, how subtle the exchange of ways once commonplace
As fingers are estranged from faces lost to time’s embrace
And mindset must adapt to learn to yearn in quiescent muse
While daily dusk returns to collect hindsight’s latest views

Ah,Time trolls mist-kissed maples, strolls the red-brick boulevard
It paints the stilly twilight like a master-piece postcard
Where whispers that teased tresses green and gold by day of May
Run quieter caresses across outlines silver-gray
As thought strains and delves deeper into frays of fading tint
Ere midnight flicks Today away like a stray bit of lint
Ah, 'neath the hierarchy of tick-tock lifetimes disappear
And there is no annulment for moments once spent, my dear
Where past is nothing but Present poured into Bygone's mold
How beautiful and brief its blessed fortune that we hold
While learning to adapt to What Is after What Once Was
Before What Will Be fills our fingers with life’s latest cause

© Janet Martin

 I don't really want to say this but I will, 
'Can you believe another year is almost gone?!

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