Thursday, December 31, 2015

Done With Guesses

Inspired by this post

Caught in between the old and new
…the done and what remains to do
Here, on Time’s forward avenue
Each one of us exists
Not by some feckless ordinance
Nor by mere hapless circumstance
But by the grace of second chance
That God with dawn untwists

The laws of night to day unfold
In dark to light, in gray and gold
And soon we learn what we were told
Was, is and will be so
That Time is but a tiny poof
Rushing through living’s little proof
It melts like frost upon a roof
A mystic ebb and flow

For in its onward, forward rush
With every bravo, tug and push
Its ilk recedes; the solemn hush
Of ‘Time Enough’ impends
And while its grin and sorrow drains
Into tomorrow’s sun and rains
It ebbs toward what Death unchains
Where nothing ever ends

Within the grave none can compete
Nor rival where all mortals meet
Time’s deadline; victory and defeat
Not that of flesh and blood
But of the soul; oh, who can tell
The joy of heav’n, horror of hell
We stand where grace still tolls time’s bell
And our forefathers stood

…caught in between the old and new
Where we have much we ought to do
Before we bid this Now adieu
Exchanging breath-by-breath
 And step-by-step and wake and sleep
And this which nobody can keep
For that which opens up the deep
Unveiled at last, in death

© Janet Martin

In the book Emily's Quest her beloved teacher/friend, Mr. Carpenter dies.
"Just, think, Emily, in a few minutes I will be wiser than anyone living," He says on his deathbed, "always wanted to know- to know.
 Done with guesses.


  1. Something memorable to ponder in each stanza. Blessings to you Janet. Blessings on your spirit, poetry and family in this coming year.


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