Friday, December 18, 2015

On Finding Christmas Joy

'how impossible' I ponder as I bake and decorate, 'joy would be, but for love first!'

Oh, hunt in vain, dear one, in vain
Joy is not a shopping cart
Its happiness is not for sale
We can’t purchase ‘peace of heart’

It won’t melt on tongues like sugar
Or festive-shaped shortbread cheer
Joy is not in Christmas carols
Touted, shouted once a year

Ring those bells and wrap a present
String those merry lights above
You will never be a peasant
If you have a heart of love

Love alone is joy’s inception
All the trimmings make us glad
If we first find satisfaction
In the Love, like Jesus had

So, let hearts be like a manger
A cradle for heaven’s boy
Then, and only then forever
Will we find true Christmas joy

© Janet Martin


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