Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Snow Post-card

This morning's snow-fall feels like the first snowfall again 
(photo taken at our first snow-fall a few weeks ago)  
because of the sort-of-summer-like weather we had between... 

A bitty hedge, a clump of sedge, a stump, a twig, a stem
Beneath first-snow are transformed into beauty’s diadem
Brown banks that bled their blossom dry beside the babbling stream
Are ravished with the lullaby of star-like cherubim

From yonder courts the doors of heaven-corridors swing wide
Where happy dogs and children dot the white-cot countryside
Joy to the world descends, befriending nature’s upturned face
As every hungry hollow is kissed with amazing grace

Earth is a flower-garden filled with snow-drops spilling wild
They wake within a wasted world the laughter of a child
Where tumbling from far tresses like a broken feather-bed
Gilt gossamer caresses earth with heaven-splendored thread

Upon plush breeze the melodies of innocence are borne
It rouses from soft slumber memories of lost youth’s morn
And stirs a sweet remembrance of its simpler time somehow
As first-snow re-acquaints us with the child of long ago

© Janet Martin

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