Saturday, December 5, 2015

Before The World Is Wide Awake...

Before the world is wide awake
And while its eyes are still half-closed
Each hill blue-kissed with mist, the lake
A looking glass, each rose reposed

And while the air is plush with hush
The country-side soft brushed with frost
Before the busy bustle-rush
Distracts us from frames mercy-tossed

Before the sun tickles Time’s sand
And the command of Duty hails
We ought to reach and touch the Hand
Of He whose Kindness never fails

© Janet Martin


  1. This poem blessed my heart. So lovely!

  2. Love this a lot, Janet. The mornings are the best for communing with the Maker.

    1. thank-you Dayle, and I think so too! It's my favorite time of living!


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