Tuesday, December 29, 2015

After the Girl

After the laughter and clinking of spoons
After the stirring and sipping of tea
After a slow-steeped love-spun afternoon
We keep a beautiful memory

After the whirl, skip-and-twirl, little girl
After carefree fairy-tale fantasies
After they pass through that door to a world
Of almost-a-woman, what fond memories

© Janet Martin

I had the pleasure of serving tea at another Disney princess party
Present were Minnie Mouse, Alice in wonderland, Belle and Tinkerbell
When I asked them how long they plan on doing this they said. oh, for a l-o-o-o-g time, until we're married and everything':)

I wonder how long it will be until they taste the hurt that Emily of New moon described like this 'Outgrowing the things we love is never a pleasant process' 
I wish for them a bit of Disney-princess as long as they live!


  1. Precious little ladies...Let's hope they leave a spot for imagination and tea always! I enjoyed our coffee...:)


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