Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Brown-Before-Christmas Where Wishers Want White...

No one can force the Hand that moves the weather...

The landscape rolls like a rusty, tin can
Out to the pout of a stone-cold, gray sky
Tree-lines like derelicts sketched on its span
Stand at attention in somber reply

Brawny the breeze that was buxom in June
Wishing for whispers that sparkle and glow
Wind-minstrels wander, wonder; heave a tune
While heaven’s levee grows heavy with snow

Earth is a thatch-roof shielding the repose
Of seedling slumber in summer-land’s source
Guarding the bedside of tomorrow’s rose
Waiting for that which nobody can force

Night fizzles, falls like a flattened balloon
Beneath the drizzle of dark-dawning day
People board Possibility’s platoon
On a mud-colored tide they sail away

While the landscape rolls like rusty tin cans
Out to that hole in the wall past the trees
Where old Man Winter is grinning with plans
That we know exist and yet nobody sees

© Janet Martin

We find it hard to grumble when we remember two years ago...vast power outages due to the worst ice-storm we had in years!

Our power was out from Sat. eve. until Tues. evening (Christmas Eve) Some were without power for almost a week.


  1. I love the imaginary in this poem: night fizzling, falling like a flattened balloon (great alliteration! you can hear the fizzling); landscape rolling like rusty tin cans, and the mischievous Old Man Winter grinning from the hole in the wall past the trees :) Wonderful, Janet.

    We don't get much of a winter in general, but even for us over here it's way too warm this year. Kids have been asking for a white Christmas, but alas...rain, rain..

    Rain or snow (but no ice-storms!), wishing you lots of Christmas spirit!

    1. are they blaming El Nino for your mild temps too?
      'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas' is popular here this year:)

      I wish you and yours a blessed season too.

      Thank-you as always for you friendship!

    2. I think they are, but I talked to my family in Russia yesterday, and they aren't having any winter, either. Might be just the Sun acting up. We'll see winter, I'm sure.

      Merry almost Christmas!

    3. wow! that is interesting to hear it is mild in Russia! Yes, we will see winter soon enough. I'm not complaining:)It's nice to wear a light jacket.

      Merry almost Christmas to you too!


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