Thursday, August 1, 2013

When God Made Little Girls...

...and as my girls grow up I realize that every big girl needs to hear it too!

God, did you take from your most lovely strings
Of blue from the sky, rainbow, butterfly’s wings,
Of pretty blush petals and pure, priceless pearl
Then put them together to make a wee girl?

God, did you gather wisp of hair angel-spun
Willow-sigh whimsy, gold-grin from the sun
As it sparkles on water, did their laughter unfurl?
And then did You say, ‘This will be little girls’?

And God, did you splash heaven’s kiss on their nose
Or place twinkling stars in their eyes and their toes
Did roses and rubies and silver mist swirl
As You wove Your wonder in each little girl?

…and God, did you smile as You chose each fair thing
Knowing what joy and delight they would bring
As we glimpse Your beauty in tumbles and twirls
In dear, dreaming, dancing, darling little girls?

© Janet Martin

This summer we’ve had the pleasure of having a number of Victoria’s friends over for a few days at a time. Many I have known since they were babies, and my heart still glows to the core as it did back then, for little giggling girls are surely a glimpse of Heaven!

The tent sits in the yard…empty. But oh, what fun to dash back and forth through the pouring rain with thoughts that yes, this year THEY WOULD sleep in it no matter what! (see here) Thirty minutes later they were back, certain they heard thunder (wink) maybe, but I don’t think so. Besides, the gummi-bears, chips and pop were all gone. What were they going to do but listen to the rain on the tent;)?


  1. Little girls are delightful, and your poem captures them well.


  2. Little girls are so special...all children!:) God knew we would need their innocence to balance our lives.


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