Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Of Seasons and Doorways

Season-kaleidoscopes turn transient tides
Where we compose retrospect’s raw refrain
Rubric of laughter abruptly collides
With the appointments of sorrow and pain
Living and loving and learning we go
Over Time’s foot-hills, mountains, vales and plains
Sunshine and shadow in multi-shades flow
As seasons spiral One Constant remains
Mercy and grace in unfathomed purport
Gently embrace and succor and support

We bear witness with baffled acumen
Life’s whys and wherefores our intellect mutes
Gently the summertime is gathered again
Hallowed harvest as choice yields its fruits
We cannot pause or dissuade Death’s advent
Futile the babble of faithless disputes
Soft breath by half-breath our dust-mottled tent
Suffers the training of heaven’s recruits
As we gaze up to faith’s covenant-goal
Our flesh the brief cup of Immortal Soul

Can we efface winter, spring, summer, fall?
Who can refute Time’s encompassing will?
Then, who can hide when the Father will call?
Who dares refuse what Love came to fulfill?
Earth wears the colors of each season-shawl
We tread its heaven-cradled countenance
This is the stairway to Love’s All-in-all
And time, but the road to deliverance
Where now seasons veil what we cannot see
A doorway leading to eternity


Ending and cutting many beans is an opportunity to think:)

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