Friday, August 23, 2013

Mute Melody

Milkweed is mantled in mauve-silver mist
Summer is tucked like a child softly kissed
Hazy, the noon sighs and slips to a page
Of chapters forgotten in blue-strife and sage
Darling, to clench our fists and rebel
Will not refund seasons or deter farewell

Crimson and bronze escort green by the arm
Autumn steals summer in ravishing charm
Hope finds new wings; we bow and Believe
For we are all children of Adam and Eve
Dusk spills its vesper onto musky breeze
Darling, how quickly Time weaves memories

I sense Time’s touch re-arranging the air
Running red ribbons through summer’s gold hair
The dissonant murmur of autumn-pretext
Tangles within me; a summer-heart vexed
With whispers, my darling, and mute melodies
Shaping the hour into memories

© Janet Martin

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