Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Twilight Soliloquy

I love the way the evening lies
Contented ‘neath the folding skies
And all the memories we have made
Slumber now in history’s shade

I love the cerulean sweep
Luring the eye to lofty deep
And how my thought’s soliloquy
Is amplified on twilight’s knee

I love the roll of evergreen
Meeting the soul of heaven’s gleam
How tugs of love and longing clench
That aching void Time cannot quench

I love eve’s lofty out-stretched palm
Urging our bustling haste to calm
And listen to the vespers sigh
In anthems falling from the sky

I love the way the evening lies
Beneath celestial lullabies
As twilight's tucks night’s edges down
Against the landscapes silver gown

© Janet Martin


  1. My favorite part of the day! Beautiful words... :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Those are some gorgeous shots of the evening sky... I love seeing your shadow in the first one :) Twilight is such a magical time of day... beautiful words here, as usual Janet!

  3. Lovely words and sentiment to go with the peaceful photos you've included.

  4. Thank-you all...the sky was stunning! It was as if God set out a platter a platter of clouds around us with earth as the centerpiece...I simply could not capture it in one shot!
    Megan, that's the last pic of me at 45;))

  5. Much beauty in twilight time, and in your poem.


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