Friday, June 22, 2012

Today's Friday Thoughts

Things are merely things
They have no good or evil spirit
It’s what mankind does with them
That defines their worth and merit.

I remember asking my dad when I was a child if such-and-such a thing is bad and I never forgot his answer...He said, ‘things are not bad. Nothing in and of itself is bad or good; it’s what we do with them that makes ‘things’ what they are. ‘Things’ have the potential for both…it’s up to us to choose how to use them!’

We cannot blame ‘things’ for our weaknesses
Things obey the command of the hands they are in
Hands obey thought
and thought, oh thought…
How prone you are
To sin

What a mighty sword we wield
Held in our thought
Prayer is its protective shield
If used a lot

It seems I hear a constant voice
And I believe its name is Choice

God, I prayed for patience…I’m still waiting for your answer…

Jesus loves me this I know
I looked into a flower
And it told me so…

© Janet Martin


  1. SO very true...your gentle telling of this truth is so always, Janet! Beautiful!

  2. Hannah, YOUR gentle voice is always kind and baffles me that ANYONE would choose to think otherwise:)
    Keep doing what you do. You are so good at it!

    Enjoy your first summer-weekend.


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