Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seize Yours

Seize this Moment
Squeeze it
Twist it
Wring it
Taste it
No, savor
Every vapor
Before it fades away
A shovel of naught
But what could have been
Had action met thought
So seize this moment
It is all we can clasp
Not past
Nor future
But one transient gasp
Threaded to the next
Of valor
Or victory
Or passion perplexed
Of present to history
Weaving a lifetime
From cradle to grave
Oh, seize this moment
It is all that we have

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful, hard to do - seize the moment - but I think we do get better at it as we get older, that's comforting :-)

    I love peonies, too. A very special flower.

  2. I think we try to do better at it, because we begin to see the brevity of it all!

    I am so thankful to my Grandma for planting many peony bushes on this property!

  3. I love that photo!! It looks like sweet surrender!


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