Friday, June 15, 2012

On Disappointment

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Disappointment’s not the end
It is just a painful bend
In the road to future’s destiny
Disappointment’s not our fate
It just means we have to wait
God alone knows what must be will be

Disappointment’s not vile spite
To restrain us in our fight
Or to snuff our song is never its intent
But disappointment makes us strong
Though it hurts and feels so wrong
It often leaves us wiser in the end

Disappointment’s hidden good
Is oh, so oft misunderstood
Until miles down the road we turn to see
Forsaken dreams strewn in the dust
No longer near and dear to us
For God alone knew what was meant to be

© Janet Martin

I have a friend who experienced keen disappointment last night as he did not make it to the finals in the local singer/songwriter's competition. It was his first public competition and he learned a lot from it. ...'and you will by okay, my friend, because this was the beginning, not the end:)'

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