Friday, June 22, 2012

Of Summer

Our first day of summer was a moody one! It began, hot, heavy and sunny before thunderstorms moved through bringing a slight cool-down and a sunset master-piece. 

Soon the gold that warms the sod
Withdraws its sultry sheen
And world’s transformed by thoughts of God
Will lose their verdant green
Too soon the lark of summer-song
Will fly off to the south
And all these hours for which we long
Devoured in Time’s mouth
Of summer

Too soon the room of July mirth
And flowers fair and sweet
Will shed their bloom back to earth
A dead rose at our feet
The shifting wave that lilts and moans
And beckons from the shore
Will heave with moody undertones
Closing the wanton door
Of summer

Ah, life will always have its share
Of care and tares and trouble
So dance upon hope's buoyant air
Before dreams turn to stubble
And you should turn with sudden grief
To see upon the hill
A silhouette of crimson leaf
And echoing quadrille
Of summer

© Janet Martin

Make this summer’s first week-end memorable!
Get out there and drink it in
Time is a tumbling water-wheel
And too soon it is over again!

I kid the kids sometimes and tell them we have two seasons at our house…Winter and potlucks!

Does anyone have any fresh pot-luck ideas? I’m stumped and it’s just June! I need food for tomorrow and a ladies’ tea-party dessert for Sunday.

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