Monday, June 18, 2012

Of Lulls and Such...

Now the sunrise
Has dissolved
In yellow on the street
The azure hull
Of mid-day’s lull
Arouses rippled heat
The eager breeze
Hides in the trees
Among its leafy tress
The glistening brow
Coveting now
Her cool and kind caress
The morning rush
Dies in the hush
Of sweltering high noon
And all is still
Save for the trill
Of song-bird’s lilting tune

Now the urgency
Of having
Eases its duress
The heart is full
As living’s lull
Extends a kind caress
The eager gleam
Of spring-tide’s dream
Is filled with wisdom’s glow
As summer fades
And autumn shades
Suggest a hint of snow
Middle-age rush
Dies in the hush
Of twilight’s gentle breeze
The heart is still
Save for the trill
Of precious memories

© Janet Martin

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  1. oh Janet, this is beautiful. perfect pacing throughout. x


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