Monday, June 25, 2012

Never Like This Again

It will never be this way again
With sentimental thought
I touch the moment I am in

I cannot curse this vapor thief
That steals while it is giving
And heals while inflicting grief

The timbre of pleasure and pain
Is love’s essence, bittersweet
As I realize it will never be like this again

Perpetual trickle of laughter and tears
Time comforts and torments
As moments become years

It will never be like this again
So I caress it tenderly
This moment I am in

© Janet Martin

I grabbed my camera to take a picture of the last morning forever, of three scholars leaving together.


  1. You're wise to know that this moment doesn't last forever, and even wiser to try and capture it. Reminds me of the last scene of "Our Town." - Wonderful.

  2. Thanks Mosk, I'm just feeling the twinge of time today:)

  3. You captured that moment on camera and in the heart with beautiful words Janet....they do grow up so fast! :-)

  4. Fleeting memories. What a fantastic sentiment.

  5. Carrie, thank-you...yes, they do! WAY, way...

    V, everything in this life is fleeting, isn't it? Thank-you for your thoughts!


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