Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life's Journey Sonnets

When failure grips the hearts ragged edges
When murderous words have mangled their mark
When grievance builds adamantine hedges
And snuffs from life’s glimmer its lusty spark
When sorrow, heartbreak, and disappointment
Plague with discouragement each in-drawn breath
When temptation threatens discontentment
And we grow weary to the point of death
Still, there is simply one thing we can do
Trust God, step by step to carry us through


It is not ours to give up and quit
Life’s moments come from God’s grace, not from man
We cannot escape what He has deemed fit
Nor can a man reconstruct Master-plans
But it is ours to forgive and forget
Though oft yet we err and stumble and fall
Wisdom is gleaned from the hand of regret
Grace without patience is no grace at all
It is God who gives and who takes away
It is ours to live, love, to watch and pray


When heart-linings bleed with love’s agony
When distance is mapped by unspoken thought
When faith is the mile that we cannot see
As all the things hoped for seem endlessly sought
Still, even then we cannot lay it down
This weight that besets us with torment and grief
Tis he who endures that will win the crown
And so we cry, ‘God, help my unbelief’
This is life’s journey, to be strong in the Lord
Rich is the inheritance of reward

 © Janet Martin

 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. 2 Tim. 2:3 KJV

It was so much fun to watch the Stanley Cup celebration's and rejoice with them after all the hard work, set-backs, etc.

It makes me think of win we cannot quit.

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