Friday, June 1, 2012

Invisible Alignment

When dim-lit eve turns up the dark
And rain, like tiny elfin-feet
Trips lightly on the onyx pane
That by noon’s light, frames bustling streets
…when this small day undaunted slips
Into a vault I cannot see
And Time exhales from ageless lips
Another little day for me
I pause, both grateful and afraid
For while Time gives it also steals
One hand conceals a two-edged blade
While with the other hand it heals
And I, with one hand holding fast
Allow the other to let go
As dim-lit eve turns up the dark
I hold love close, yet miss it so…



  1. I hold the love of my granddaughter dear as she is today; but in some ways I am already missing her as I know she will grow up and away...but, of course, I HELP her grow (and away) as well. Double edged sword, for sure.

  2. Mary, your comments are filled with experience and wisdom, YES! love is a double-edged sword.


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