Sunday, June 17, 2012

Impossible Undoing

If there was an undoing of certain things
I would gently loosen time’s tempered strings
And trace the scars that it has left
As I lay my head upon your chest
Then as past and present blend
Once more, you would be my friend

Moonlight seeps through the shutter-crack
A golden ladder on your back
Midnight is master of its craft
It strikes a current in the draft
And moans a haunting, sad refrain
Of things that will not pass again

A moment has no time to spare
It dangles briefly on the air
Before it slips into the past
Its latch secure and iron cast
The racket of our turmoil swept
Into the vaults where it is kept

It there was an undoing of certain things
My trembling fingers would loosen its strings
Slipping love’s sorrow from your chest
And we would leave its cloak to rest
While hours strike, one, two, three, four
Upon a sweet, forgotten shore



  1. I loved loved loved your poem.....not only did you master the form, use the wordles, and tell a great story, but also did it all so eloquently...

  2. I can't believe you managed a form and wordled! I like the first and last stanza and the repetition of phrases with a slight difference. I like the phrases themselves and the mood they set. Lovely and poignant, Janet.

  3. Romantic to the nth degree...
    'If' and 'hope' in each passing moment.

    I've continued with encouragement from my friends, a story:

  4. Truly wonderfully wordled, Janet!!


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