Friday, June 8, 2012

I Saw Heaven Smile Today...

 Emily, first Birthday.

Emily, 20th Birthday

I saw Heaven smile today
As angels breathed upon my way
For Heaven’s smiles are sent, I think
In little bundles, soft and pink
Perfection, lent to trembling arms
From holy hands above
Yes, Heaven sends its wondrous charms
In babies dear to love

Today I held her tiny hand
And I began to understand
A strange new love, so rare and strong
As I held hands that knew no wrong
Nothing else on this old earth
Could touch it by a mile
For at the moment of her birth
I saw Heaven smile

Yes, I saw Heaven smile today
As pain and anguish fell away
And I know what perfection is
As I caress it with a kiss
For clasped against my awe-struck heart
In form of new-born child
The windows up above me parted
And I saw Heaven smile

© Janet Martin

Written for Emily when she was a baby....20 years ago (did a bit of editing)


  1. My goodness..I'm crying I do often visiting your blog (happy tears.)

    Happy Emily's birthday!

  2. Thank-you...I'll pass on the wish:)

  3. Lovely poem; lovely daughter; lovely poet!


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