Tuesday, June 19, 2012

His Passion

Passion; it formed the universe
Dividing Day and Night
It clothed the earth in miracles
And filled the dark with light
It placed in Eden’s garden
A woman and a man
And in the passion of their greed
Man’s greatest need began

Passion; it burns in mortal loins
In searing, selfish lust
It feeds the greed of sinful seed
And taints the wanton dust
Ten thousand-thousand altars built
Ten thousand-thousand flames
Could not redeem our wretched guilt
Or wash away our shame

Passion; it burned in Holy Wrath
And filled God’s heart with grief
To see the nations of the earth
Blinded in unbelief
It tore through Heaven’s glory
A fire born of Love
Compelling Him to leave the throne
His Passion’s depth to prove

Passion; it clothed I AM in flesh
To walk a skull-strewn path
While we drove nails through holy limbs
Passion; it bled from guiltless wounds
It poured in agony
To save mankind from death and hell
He died to set us free

Oh can we ever comprehend
A Passion such as this
That He should cover our sin
In Holy Righteousness
Passion; it fills the law of grace
Extending Time’s last plea
Passion; it saves the human race
From hell’s eternity

Janet Martin


  1. Indeed, that kind of passion is something that is very difficult for humans to comprehend.


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