Monday, June 25, 2012

God is Still Good

In spite of life’s trials
Oft misunderstood
One truth is rock-solid

In spite of His chastening
Oft misunderstood
One truth remains

In spite of our thanklessness
Our greed and our lust
In Him we trust

In spite of His love
Oft misunderstood
One truth never wavers
God is still good

© Janet Martin


  1. How often do we forget that? It's a great reminder of an essential truth.

  2. Thank-you both for your visit and your thoughts!

  3. So very true, Janet! Your words are a reminder of what we should be reminding ourselves of daily.

    On another note, you might want to look at the Poetry Jam prompt this week, which is Forgiveness. I would enjoy seeing your slant on the subject if you have time.


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