Saturday, June 16, 2012

Enjoy the Ride

Like a thought or a moment
Slipping skyward
While daylight dissolves
On dusk’s tongue
Is the carefree hour
Of youth

On the stage of middle-age
We sense
A merciless turning of page
And keen, echoing
Of truth

We cannot stem the flow
Of thought or moments
They come, they go
And all we can do, as we're caught in its tide
Is hang on for dear life
And enjoy the ride

© Janet Martin

 We had a family reunion today...LOTS of ages present to celebrate my oldest sister's B-day...and it struck me as I looked at all the teenagers how BRIEF their 'forever young' years are(and there is no way they can know it)! Seriously, at that age we are all going to be young for a LONG time;))

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