Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Little Children of Three

We fall in love with them constantly
Innocence coupled with mischievous glee
Carefree perfection and curiosity
Dear, little children of three

Sunshine spills from these eager tots
Wonderment fills their guile-less thoughts
Unhindered by living’s ‘what-are-nots’
Dear, little children of three

Flurry of chatter and childish kiss
Living each moment just as it is
Lord, give me faith as pure as this
Dear, little children of three

© Janet Martin

The little guy I baby-sit turns three today. I took him with me to pick up a few groceries.
When we told the cashier that one item is his ‘birthday treat, she asked him ‘how old?’ Without setting down his tub of ju-jubes he slowly and proudly popped up three fingers and grinned. INSTANT POPULARITY!

BUT…as I am writing this he just re-appeared. He is supposed to be napping! ‘not sleepy’ is his verdict…ah yes, those dear little children of three;))...right now he is waiting for the kids to come home from school...I told him 'any minute', and yes, here they are! Gotta go! There is a birthday to celebrate!

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  1. Three definitely is a delightful age! When my granddaughter was three, I wished she would not get older. Now she is four, and I wish the same! I love those preschool ages....


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