Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are We Ready?

Mary, your poem inspired these thoughts immediately as I pondered your words. There is no escaping physical death!

If God should knock upon the door of planet earth tonight
And hand each one of us a robe of lucent, deathly white
And if, before we had a moment to accept it or decline
Our feet were lifted from this sod to elements divine
Would we be ready?

If He should require from our breath but this; our living soul
As dust-wrought limbs succumb to death; and timeless Fathoms roll
If He should reach to take our hands within His nail-scarred own
And draw us from our trembling stance to meet Him at His throne
Would we be ready?

If we looked up to see upon the clouds, the Son of Man
If we lay down to wake in portals far beyond earth’s span
If tonight we heard a knock and opened our cottage door
To see Him standing there to lift us from this stricken shore
Would we be ready?

Time and life; two awesome gifts but each with numbered day
Grace and love; two awesome truths that never fade away
Jesus Christ: one awesome God forever with no end
You and I, one life, one death; will we be ready, friend?
Are we ready?

© Janet Martin


  1. Very thoughtful poem, Janet. I think every day we have to think about whether or not we are ready. We have to live our lives in such a way that we ARE ready, as we don't know the the day or time we will be called 'home.' We may think all is well; but it can happen in an instant on the highway (or elsewhere) when we are totally unprepared. Thank you for writing this after having read my poem.

  2. I agree Mary, Every day we need to live with the awareness of life's briefness and how each moment is a priceless gift from the Giver not to be squandered or wasted in selfishness, worry, despair...the list goes on. SO much easier said than done. I need to pray constantly for discernment, patience and trust!

    God bless. Hope your first day of summer was a good one!


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