Saturday, October 16, 2021

Portrait of October

(still waiting for weather and freedom to work together amiably,
 for a colorful woodland wander/wonder trek.)
These shots were taken on a hike on Monday
 but the trees had not reached their peaks in colours yet

October’s trees are knitted scarves unraveled leaf by leaf
In rivers ruddy fleets embark to ports unmarked, unknown
The aftermath of flowers reminds us that life is brief
Its path of hours more than roulette wheels of dust and stone

October’s artist brushes fleeting frescoes, russet- gold
Where one day the world blushes and the next its colors thin
A sentimental charmer and a body growing old
A Beulah Land for farmer as harvest is gathered in

October’s wind chills to the bone and thrills through heart and soul
It riles the woodland’s dappled domes until they disappear
A Romeo, a scavenger, a tide that takes its toll
From glory to surrender, leaf by leaf and tear by tear

October’s days run wild with ways to spark wonder and praise
Earth’s hills and valleys set ablaze; awe unstoppers its flask
Outpoured where autumn’s Magnum Opus astonishes gaze
While we shoulder the onus of each season’s tender task

October’s umber halls are decked in melodies undone
Where summer’s ballads spilled unchecked through night, morning and noon
But now the bow as it is drawn across strings, season-spun
Begins to slow the tempo on a cello out of tune

© Janet Martin

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