Wednesday, October 13, 2021


pōəm -ˈtāSH(ə)n/ Definition: Temptation to compose poem😉😊😍

Watching Tot chase bubbles reminded me a bit
of Poet chasing Poem...

The art of poem-tation seeps through every shade of sky
It vexes concentration in each leaf that flutters by
Four seasons worth of beauty with life’s troubles juxtapose
To cheer the thorns of duty with an unrelenting rose

The tug of poem-tation surges from dawn’s teeming brink
The clockwork of creation hoists premieres streaming with ink
Disparity twixt hand and heart, resumes its rivalry
Where charity pursues the part that authors poetry

The joy of poem-tation reels beneath the wheels of grief
A constant invitation to pursue hues veiled beneath
What meets the eye to stoke the sky and tint the glint of blooms
Soon lowered like a lullaby to stubble-stippled tombs

The wink of poem-tation is both flirtatious and grim
The fruit of inspiration bends the lyric-laden limb
Where words threaded together should do more than lilt and rhyme
Ah, pray they cheer and help us weather ups and downs of Time

The dust of poem-tation is stirred by a breath of breeze
That sparks a celebration shimmering in poplar trees
Rousing the strange impression of a river rushing where
Time’s four-season succession flows through shores of leaf and air

The prize of poem-tation dangles like a pendulum
Hope’s eager expectation wonders if the words will come
How cautiously Want clutches at inklings that start to drop
Lest, as soon as Thought touches it, like bubbles…

© Janet Martin

Soon lowered like a lullaby to stubble-stippled tombs...

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