Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Autumn Awe-frames


autumn keeps swiveling our heads
and slowing our feet
and snuffing want-lists 'neath the tread
of beauty, bittersweet

autumn mellows landscapes and pleas
as woodland bows/boughs untwist
a color-burst of symphonies
that melt like morning mist

autumn is like a painter's gift
each tree a pedestal
showcasing works of art that drift
down petal by petal

autumn enhances ways we trod
with backdrops blue and gold
*where duty serves its honoured squad
with wonders to behold

autumn unravels foliage-fronds
and from its lisle weaves
with tatters from a loom of wands
a counterpane of leaves

© Janet Martin

* my brother and his wife must leave the joys of farming and home-making duties
to other hands as they spend all the time they can with their daughter who is hospitalized
after being injured in an accident last weekend.
She is progressing well but healing simply takes time/patience!
We are excited to see what this week brings in this journey.
but it makes we who are blessed to be able to perform our duties feel
like part of an honoured squad, does it not?!!

With a morning like this my head feels like its on a swivel,
photo-opps everywhere!

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