Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Happiness Is Full Of Holes

Oh the irony; the Bloom that blesses 
with greatest happiness-es
Is the selfsame Sheaf
cradling our deepest grief!

Cherish the bloom...

Still a few tenacious blooms hoisting their pretty plumes­čĺĽ
No precious posy is overlooked as we are poised on the brink of November!

Happiness seems to grow dearer 
As the days to years increase 
Where it seems joy’s perfect picture 
Is often missing a piece 

Missing faces and caresses 
From those too far off to reach 
Realizing happiness-es 
Are like waves that wash the beach 

Rush of pure and sweet enchantments 
Swirls and eddies; tender taunt 
Runs life rife with disappointments 
We did not expect or want 

Takes away a much-loved someone 
Leaves a teardrop in their stead 
Teaching us to cherish moments 
Weaving a gossamer thread 

…full of twists and tears and creases 
That no fingers can secure 
And though it is missing pieces 
Happiness can still endure 

For with loss comes the awak’ning 
To the other side of joy 
And the sacred undertaking 
Of the moments we employ 

Futile to unravel echoes 
Where time’s sparkle-skein unfolds 
Better to embrace the present 
And the happiness it holds 

Happiness, life's sweet Comforter
How its wonder warms our souls
Happiness, we soon discover
Is a blanket full of holes

© Janet Martin 

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