Tuesday, June 30, 2020

If She Could (a Farewell to June)

And so begins the beauty-blur of summer in its beaming prime
And if she could she’d try to slow the hurried foot of Father Time
Where June slipped through her fingers with its flurry of petals and wings
And if she could she’d thread each day like pearls upon silver-swirled strings
As fields are folded into hay and longest days still seem too small
And if she could she’d heap a tray with keepsakes felled from nature’s hall
For always she is overcome with a parental tug of heart
And if she could she’d frame the spectrum of Echo’s elusive art
Where part of her will always stay entangled in June’s wonderment
And if she could she’d find a way to let go without fond lament
But love is always a fine mingling of bitter and sweet entwined
And if she could she would (sometimes) return to places left behind
For June never seems long enough to satisfy the poet’s yen
And if she could she would (just once) turn back and do it all again

© Janet Martin

I really would do June all over again if I could! 
This June the weather was almost perfect!


  1. What a beautiful poem!! Thank you for sharing this poem. I was very moved by it. I am in tears. But, it does not matter because I just love this poem!! I cannot say it enough. I love it.

  2. thank-you Michelle for your sweet comments this morning! really nice bit of boost to this quiet blog-corner! hugs and all the best to you today!

  3. What a beauty, Janet! Every line is a treasure.


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