Thursday, July 5, 2018

Shades of Green and In Between...

The distant sheen that layers shades of green on misted green
Or hazy hues of baby blues with deeper hues between
Fringes the frames where good and ill will thrill and aggravate
And no one tames the flower-brush that frills hills, fence and gate

Time’s sentimental serenade persuades us to ‘enjoy’
To pause and play in pools of shade with little girl or boy
Before we gaze, amazed too late at what we missed somehow
Where season-songs surge and abate while we push-push the plow

The finery of wake and sleep and leap and fly and fall
Finagles from the leafy tree a tender madrigal
It teaches us to sing along beneath the albatross
Of learning to let go where every gain is hinged to loss

…and barefoot dancers don’t need answers on a sunny day
Yet ignoring the obvious won’t make it go away
Where all the colors of the world unfurl their pearl and flare
If only to become a swirl of silver on the air

Ah, who can bear to dwell too long on what is gone; oh no
The distant sheen that layers shades of green will turn to snow
Where oh, this moment-mist is far more than Time's tinted nod
It is the highway we all take to travel back to God

© Janet Martin


People have been writing and singing about Time for a long, long Time.... 
(here are just a few;-)

... treasure its moment-measure!

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