Wednesday, July 4, 2018

On Finding The Tender Balance...

 Has your Duty-side started the Tug-of-war with your Dreamer-side yet?!
 I find Summer sparks its duel constantly!

Early morning child-care bonus??? I get to see the sun come up,
( sometimes a morning poem needs to be finished in the afternoon because that's when babies sleep!)

Skyline resurrects the backdrop
That at twilight slipped away
From the velvet vault of tick-tock
Thus begins a new Today
Want and worship wakes our hunger
Feet touch down on trampled sod
Where dawn’s welcome mat is anchored
In the faithfulness of God

Don’t give up; each cup of morning
God fills with *coffee mercy once more
Though Pink Daybreak leaves its mooring
Dusk soon draws it back to shore
Laden with Past’s precious splashes
Prone to spark a storm within
Who could guess the surf that crashes
Beneath this frail veil of skin

Fancy fills the dreamer’s pockets
Duty rules the doer’s list
Summer softly solders lockets
Filled with echo-laden mist
Pray we find the tender balance
Bit ‘o duty, bit ‘o dream
Where dawn’s quiver full of moments
Fades like ripples on a stream

© Janet Martin

* coffee lovers, click on this link to hear some happy 'news'!

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