Friday, July 6, 2018

Because It Is July...

Because it is July we lie beneath the brimming tree
And tend to linger longer in a flower’s company
Our attitude of gratitude comes naturally these days
Of making memories to fill next winter’s fireside gaze

Because it is July we try to make its moments count
A daily celebration of creation’s fulsome fount
As orchestral arrangements spill where time and touch compete
In lilt of lark, sea-song on sand, shimmers of golden wheat

Because it is July the eye is filled with pleasantries
A myriad of miracles undoes the bud with ease
And fills the mouth with hymns of ooh and awe’s simplicity
To He who needs no teacher to perfect His ‘let there be’

Because it is July the sky is full of friendly blue
Above love’s tug-of-war twixt what we want and need to do
The garden is a dreamland for its barefoot girls and boys
A wholesome haven in a world so full of rush and noise

Because it is July, Time’s my-oh-my keens every sense
And we should take the time to find a flower-laden fence
Or fish beside a sleepy stream or listen to the sigh
Of all that slips from dream to dream…because it is July

© Janet Martin

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