Tuesday, July 3, 2018

For July-lovers

Ahoy! The joy that thwarts life’s hunger-pangs for what is not
Is July-colored, darling; spilling from clay flower-pots
And winding beneath blue sky promises fulfilled; earth’s seams
Brimming with faith’s unfolded wings where hope of harvest beams

Ho-ho! The woe we know too well wears pretty pink, my dear
The happiness we dreamed about when winter howled is here
The jars that harbour flower-stars and cricket-songs and such
Tip and begin to pour the grin of Heaven through our touch

Aha! The law of love lavishes lanes with chamomile
The awe of nature’s treasure trove refurbishes our smile
Where we are all too willing to be beguiled without guilt
Ere petals strew the path with aftermath of season spilt

Hooray! Today we traipse the thoroughfare of green-gold-tan
A gallery of masterpieces charms the bare-foot fan
Where Queen Ann’s lace and chicory and vine-embellished clime
Tickles the lea with sweet July in good, old summertime

© Janet Martin

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