Saturday, April 15, 2017

Song of Praise to Our Redeemer

Thou, whose word fills bud with flower
Thou who breathes to Being, dust
Thou of love’s infinite power
In Thy Holy Name we trust

For the way to death is certain
When this day of breath is past
Still, the grace that rent The Curtain
Is the grace that holds us fast

Sorrow, bitter for a season
Is neither victor nor chief
Thou, who grants mankind Hope’s Reason
Fathers joy in spite of grief

Thou hast suffered all we suffer
Thou who bore Thy cross, oh Lord
Obedient servant-Lover
Conquered Death through life outpoured

Praise the Holy Name of Jesus
Praise the Lamb of Calvary
Praise Him for the blood that frees us
And verifies Victory

Praise Him for the gift He gave us
Praise Jesus with every breath
Praise Him for the love that saves us
From the curse of sin and death

Praise Him, for there is none greater
Praise Him, Saviour of the soul
Praise Him, mankind’s Mediator
For the love that makes us whole

Glory, hallelujah, Jesus
Glory, hallelujah, Lord
Sing to He whose triumph frees us
Through the promise of His Word

© Janet Martin

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