Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Impending Endings...or Fifteen...or Lost Afternoons

Here are the two prompts for today:
  • Write a beginning poem. And, of course, when something begins, it often signals something else ending. Soooo, the other prompt is to…
  • Write an ending poem. Poem about something ending.

"If only we could drive!" they sighed...

They wait
Where what they’re waiting for
Seems far too far away
A world full of tomorrows
Full of dreams
They dream today

They wait
And do not know how soon
They’ll pry at time’s clenched fist
As they look for
Lost worlds
And girls that no longer exist

© Janet Martin


  1. Ah, memories (50 years later a classmate still remembers my kisses. a funny story.)

  2. So well put, Janet. Those times in school now seem like a whole other lifetime. I remember dreaming, too.



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