Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Of Earmarked Landmarks

PAD Challenge day 19; For today’s prompt, write a memory poem. 

Yesterday six of us oldest cousins celebrated another 'one of us' joining the ranks of 50 years and counting:) 
We don't all see each other very often so there was lots of catching up and wandering back to years when our lives were intertwined, especially at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

The birthday-girl celebrating fifty years is seen below (in the red sweater). 
She was my childhood best friend and here we are all packed up to walk up the hill to Grandma and Grandpa for 'holidays'...usually a 2-night sleepover. 
Side-note; I live in the house now that we walked to that day:)

We balance scars and stars
And wonder how it is
That Time, with nothing but its hours
Has turned us into this

We gather to compare
Its echoes we hold dear
To gaze on worlds etched on the air
At faces gone, yet here

We trace each tender while
And travel back in years
When grandma was more than a smile
We cherish through fond tears

Now we share middle-age
And stare at childhood’s knell
Cupping the sands of present-stage
Like lands marked for farewell

© Janet Martin


  1. Such beautiful history! I love that you were taking a bouquet to Grandma - the early teachings on being a good guest who gets invited back!

    1. Grandma was such a sweet host it was almost impossible not to learn to be a good guest too:0
      She always came to our houses, often to offer help, bearing gifts for her children with large families; fresh baking, flowers, dried apples, fresh gardening and lots of wise proverbs and bible verses to teach and guide her grand-children. precious memories indeed.

  2. So sweet a treasure

    1. yes, one of the sweetest that life has to offer!


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