Saturday, April 29, 2017

On Moment-metered May and Must

PAD Challenge day 29: For today’s prompt, write a metric poem.

I love when life is a healthy balance of 'ought' and 'want'... all 'ought' is no fun, all 'want' is no good!

The thought of what I ought to do is tugging at my hand
The taunt of what I want to do is tugging at my heart
The place where dusk chased day away is bright-eyed once again
With May and Must and other love-entrusted works of art
Where tick-tock meter of the clock, since Time began will seal
The pictures tinctured with our touch, on Past’s elusive reel
Thus, between ‘ought’ and ‘want’ I wrest
Where voice of choice will soon attest

© Janet Martin  

Happy, healthy Saturday to you!


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